Time for those 2,000+ photos of your furbaby to come to good use…

Love your pet and think he is the cutest one of all? You can show them off (and prove your point) via the Deliveroo Pet Contest.

Running from February 15 to 29, 2024, this pet-focused contest by Deliveroo is calling on all pet owners to show off their four-legged pets to the rest of the UAE. There are several adorable categories which are sure to have us all scrolling for hours as we coo and aww over the photos.

And it’s not just limited to dogs and cats. You can even submit photos of your bunnies, turtles and beyond.

The most pawsome news? The competition is free to enter. Photos can be submitted on roopetcontest.com

So, how do I participate?

deliveroo pet contest

It’s easy. All you have to do is post one of your pet’s photos on the website and get all your friends and family to vote. The public is invited to vote, too. There are 10 unique categories which are sure to keep us all scrolling for hours.

The categories are:

cat meme

Best Meme-worthy Pet: Your pet could be the next grumpy cat and go viral in an instant.

Best Pet and Owner Look-alike: Think your pet looks like you, send in your snaps to make people go ‘The resemblance is uncanny!’

Moodiest Pet: Happy, the big ol’ puppy eye look, surprised or grumpy – showcase your pet’s range of facial expressions in this fun category we are certain will get a lot of attention and laughs.

Best Dressed: Show off your pet’s stylish outfits or accessories and watch the votes go up.

dog smile unsplash

Happiest Pet: A smile from your pet can melt your heart, and you just have to share it with the rest of the world.

The Foodie Friend: Caught your pet tucking into the treats you’ve hidden, or if you’ve snapped them with their face buried deep in their food bowl, the UAE wants to see it.

Sleepy cat-Unsplash

Best Snoozer: Caught your pet on camera snoring, upside down with four legs in the air, with their head in their food bowl, or in another funny pose – it’s got to go up for this contest.

Best Photobomb: If your pet likes to be the centre of attention, they surely will be if you enter them into this category of them photobombing your photos.

cat and dog duo Unsplash

Best Pet Duo: Does your pup have a best friend? Snap up a photo of their unique and warm bonding moments. Aww…

Naughtiest Pet: Even when our pets cause trouble, we still love them. Snap up a photo of the cute troublemaker doing the deed, or after they’ve been caught red-handed.

And the winner is…

While the contest is a great way to show off your pets, the photos that get the most votes will not only win bragging rights but also Dhs1,000 Deliveroo pet store credit. *Pause for appaws* If this won’t have both you and your pet doing zoomies, we don’t know what will.

The credit can be used across the pet stores on the Deliveroo app. You will be able to shop from treats to pet food, toys, pet supplies, and more.

Winners will be announced over the first week of March and your pet will even feature on Deliveroo’s social media channels, @deliveroo_ae

Images: Unsplash and supplied