Experience class, in every class…

The UAE’s national airline has just unveiled a luxe lineup of luxury amenity kits, and you’ll now be able to get a taste of this elevated experience no matter what class you fly with Etihad.


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What can you expect in these chic amenity kits?

The Residence and First Class

Whether you’re checking in to the airline’s unique three-room private suite, The Residence, or flying First Class, get ready to be treated to a large, fashionable Giorgio Armani and Etihad-branded folio bag, which present to you one of the largest amenity kits among the clouds. Able to accommodate those must-carry documents, a tablet computer or or even a 13” laptop, the folio is available in four colours and will up your style game instantaneously. Scoring high on both style and substance, it will also pack in rejuvenating products from aromatherapy and wellness pioneers ESPA, such as the hydrating spa face mist, restful pulse point and oil and a rest and recovery night balm to name a few.

To help you rest and relax, you’re also gifted bespoke Giorgio Armani and Etihad loungewear and slippers. Featuring a henley neckline, the charcoal loungewear is inspired by the Abu Dhabi skyline, with matching trousers and very comfortable Giorgio Armani slippers.

Business Class

For those of you that mean business, Etihad brings you kits in two unisex styles, a clutch bag and a a cube. The former features dunes inspired by the mighty Liwa dunes in Abu Dhabi, while the cube, as you might’ve imagined are designed conveniently so you can pack and organise them with ease. Again, these pack in rejuvenating products that will keep you looking and feeling your best as you soar through the skies with Etihad.

You can also slip into new loungewear gifted to guests on ultra-long haul flights over nine hours. Proudly featuring the iconic Emirati ‘V’ stitching on the chest unique to the UAE’s national dress, the set also includes plush slippers and is inspired by traditional Emirati attire.


Budget-conscious guests that will fly on Etihad’s mighty aircraft on voyages longer than six hours will receive a neat tote bag with all the inflight essentials you need, including Beekman hand cream, eyeshades and ear plugs. The fashionable tote will pack in classic Abu Dhabi-inspired design elements, including the tailfin designs of Etihad’s iconic aircraft livery such as the Greenliner and the special Manchester City liveries. And here’s a fun fact that will up the feel good factor: each bag is made from a 500ml PET bottle, rescued from a landfill.

Just one more reason to fly high with the UAE’s national carrier…

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