The logistics of this is fascinating…

According to Emirates Airlines, they serve more than 77 million meals to customers annually. This is a pretty impressive feat considering this is all done while travelling midair.

To break it down into more digestible numbers: Emirates caters for 490 flights per day, where 149 meals are served every minute. After some minor calculations, that works out to a total of 215,000 meals every day – served across the globe while midair.

The team of chefs is a total of 1,400 staff members who make the meals at the Emirates Flight Catering Facilities here in Dubai, and around the world with partner caterers.

Putting things into perspective

Those 149 meals per minute on Emirates Airlines flights, equals a massive scale production, where unfathomable amounts of produce are used.

Over the course of the year, Emirates caterers have a rotation of 2,200 recipes every month. Where ingredients include chicken, beef, cashews, potatoes and eggs. That sounds manageable, right?

Well, Emirates Airlines serves six million kilograms of chicken a year, 350,000 kilograms of beef, and just over two million kilograms of whole potatoes. As far as the eggs are considered, that’s one point seven million kilograms of eggs.

More than body weight in chicken

Emirates airlines meals

Take the weight of the chicken for example, which is equal to roughly the same weight as 6,000 African elephants. Which is the same as 6,000 tonnes.

That is also just short of the weight of the Eiffel Tower, which weighs 6,500 tonnes. Or the same weight as 26 Statues of Liberty.

Save some room for chocolate

As far as drinks and desserts go, the Emirates passengers consume one point two million litres of orange juice and use over two million teabags.

Those tiny little chocolates we receive on our trays and at the business and first bar? We consume 40 million pieces of gourmet chocolate per year.

In first class, passengers consumed an impressive 10,350 kilograms of caviar in the year, enter Shabaz Says “on today’s episode of I’m rich you’re poor.”

Images: Emirates