Sheikh Mohammed introduces the “enforcement and application of laws” indicator…

Talking at a Council of Ministers meeting, H.H Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai said that the UAE has “adopted a new indicator for the government” – “the enforcement and application of laws” indicator.

The purpose behind it is to ensure that UAE laws are applied to “investors, citizens, residents, or specialised groups … on an equal footing”.

Providing context of the driving motivation behind the updated policy, His Highness went on to say that “the UAE is a global country. Its laws and procedures are universal. Its transparency is well-established. The rule of law will remain a major priority.”

The writ of law

As part of its commitment to transparency, the UAE has recently launched a new platform containing all the “federal executive decisions since the establishment of the state in 1971 until today, in both Arabic and English.” You can access it via the website.

Future tech

Also under discussion at the cabinet meeting, was a review of the 2023 legislation plan – which included more than 73 items (the largest ever tally in a single year since the UAE’s founding) across a variety of sectors including financial, banking, educational, health, and governmental topics.

There was also news of a fresh ‘Supreme Policy for Science, Technology and Innovation” which amounts to a strategic focus on six main policy areas, including “energy transition, health, food security, water security, technology, cybersecurity, and industrialisation.” All of which is in line with the UAE’s Future Roadmap.

Images: H.H Sheikh Mohammed via X