This relaxed gastropub is all about the laid-back vibes on Yas Island…

It’s a warm and breezy afternoo, and we find ourselves making our way through a throng of patrons engrossed in a game of pool, on to the terrace of Abu Dhabi’s Crafty Fox. As various games consume the big screens, there’s a relaxed feel to the atmosphere at this new Yas Links Golf Club venue, with bustling bar staff shuttling between tables.

Media: supplied, What’s On archive 

Alongside gently bobbing water and the vastness of Yas Island, we’re seated at a a spot overlooking acres of golfing greenery. Our server’s here to help us with our 4pm order. This is generally a tricky time of the day to get your eats in, as we’re straddling lunchtime and sundown. At this gastropub, however, anything goes, anytime.

We’re served their Sunshine Mocktail (Dhs37) as we take in the sunset over the course, waiting lens in hand for perfect hues to bathe the golf course. To make the waiting easier, we get a plate of the Korean spring rolls (Dhs35). These are meaty, with slow-cooked beef outmuscling Kimchi and a strong aioli aftertaste, all held together by a crispy outer.

As meaty as that was, we’re far from finished. An airplane rumbles overhead, and almost synonymously, we’re hopping from Korea to South America as the spicy tuna tacos (Dhs38) make their entrance. This is the ideal taco, and you don’t have to worry about things getting messy as they’re packed neatly. Diced, raw tuna, spicy slaw, avocado and more jostle for your attention before you’re hit with the seemingly sad reality that an order only comes with three tacos. Crispy tortilla is a welcome treat after the pub-esque grease our spring rolls packed.

We sit back, sip on our mocktails, and order the shrimp cocktail (Dhs40). Flanked with baby gem, two neatly arranged shrimps arrive and we savour scoops of what is a seafood lover’s delight. Dainty portions, a multitude of flavours, and yet, you’re not waddling out of the Crafty Fox. Head downstairs and get your swing on, if you fancy a round or two.

Under pink skies, beside a quickly-calming lake and sprawling greens that will want you to spread out on the grass for a session of stargazing, plane spotting or just a good ol’ weekend siesta, we exit Crafty Fox knowing where we’re headed the next time we’re in search of a casual afternoon on the terrace.

What’s On Verdict: If a relaxed, sporty gastropub with vast views is what you’ve ordered, you won’t be disappointed.

Crafty Fox, Yas Links, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, 6.30am to 11.30pm daily. Tel: (0)2 404 3000, @craftyfox.yaslinks