Happy birthday, DWTC…

Standing at a humble 39 floors and 489 feet high, the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), was once the tallest building in the UAE.

British architect, John Harris was tasked by the late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum to design the tower, also less commonly known as Sheikh Rashid Tower. After the tower was built, it was inaugurated 45 years ago today on February 26, 1974 by none other than Queen Elizabeth II.

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According to a news report by CNN, it was the tallest building between Mumbai, India and Athens, Greece – now that’s something to be proud of.

It also wasn’t always called the Dubai World Trade Centre. The ‘World’ part of its name came only in 1989 to reaffirm its growing global status. Before this, it was just known as the Dubai Trade Centre.

It was Dubai’s first major tower and business centre, becoming not only the heartbeat of the emirate’s business sector, but officially the first of many towering skyscrapers that now form the city’s gorgeous skyline.

Fast forward 45 years to today, the DWTC may not be the tallest building (or anywhere close) in Dubai, but it still stands tall firmly in the heart of Dubai. It remained the tallest building for two decades and adorns the Dhs100 banknote as a constant reminder of Dubai’s growth, ambitions, and future aspirations.

Learn more about DWTC’s growth and history here.

Speaking of birthdays…

The DWTC isn’t the only one turning 45 this year…

What’s On is also celebrating 45 years of bringing you boredom-busting news, entertainment, reviews and more from across the UAE. It was in June 1979 that the very first issue of What’s On was printed and each month we will be looking back on some of our best bits from across the last almost half-century

And of course, we will be throwing plenty of celebrations along the way… Stay tuned!

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