Stay bundled up for a little while longer…

If your plans for the weekend involved ‘chilling’, congratulations, you’ve been successful in more ways than one.

The UAE has been experiencing a cold snap lately, the worst of which was felt in the mighty mountains of Jebel Jais early Sunday morning when temperatures plummeted to a sharp 3.4 degrees celsius. The northern-most point of the country touched 4.2 degrees on Saturday, bringing on the desert chills, before recovering slightly to clock in at 4.9 degrees as of 5am this morning.

Strong winds and rain hit several parts of the country including Abu Dhabi and Dubai from Friday morning onwards, with sparse drizzles, uncharacteristic winds and gloomy skies making their presence felt in the capital throughout.

While the festive season in December was warmer than usual, the ongoing cold snap could well make way for more rain throughout the UAE in the weeks to come, with frosty feels expected especially in the northern emirates as predicted by the the Arab Federation for Space and Astronomy.

Might want to hold off on welcoming spring for now, and packing away your warmer threads…

Media: Instagram, What’s On archive