Closing out February with another round of spring showers…

The news of potential rainfall is greeted very differently by certain groups within the wider expat community of Dubai. If you grew up in a hot, arid climate – you’re generally much more excited by the prospect of precipitation, or may even view it as a blessing.

If your formative years were spent in a Northern European meteorological Gulag – where the concept of seeing a glowing orb in the sky was so remote for 11 months of the year, its existence is essentially treated as mythology – you’re likely to view grey skies through a lens of mild trauma.

We have good news for some of you, and likely triggering news for the rest. The big moist looks set to return this week, with The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) issuing a weather report warning of “a chance of light to moderate rainfall in general and heavy at times” on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

Areas with the strongest chance of a soaking include “northern, eastern, and southern” parts of the country. So almost all of it. The reason for the inclemency is a “low-pressure system from the Southwest, and an extension of an upper-air low-pressure system, accompanied by a western Jetstream with different amounts of clouds flowing from the West at intervals”.

With the rain, expect moderate to strong gusty winds, particularly around coastal areas.

The NCM warned that some areas (particularly in the east) may also see a continuation of the rainy skies into Friday.

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