Stay indoors, stay safe…

Dusty weather and poor visibility have been forecast for parts of the UAE, and that includes Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. If you’ve been out and about in the capital this morning, you’ll see with difficulty, but you’ll see why.

The National Council for Meteorology (NCM) has issued an alert for these areas, as strong winds capable of reaching speeds of 45 km/h are expected with blowing dust and sand, which means your visibility could be limited to a maximum of 2 kilometres. The unsteady weather conditions are expected to last until 6pm this evening.

While the UAE capital has several reasons that would make you want to explore the great outdoors, residents, visitors and motorists in Abu Dhabi are encouraged to limit their outdoor activity until these undesirable weather conditions blow over.
Light rain in the Al Dhafrah region was also noted this morning.
Media: Instagram, What’s On archive, Unsplash