Giving back never tasted so good…

The Holy Month of Ramadan is all about spreading love and giving back and what better way to do so than by giving back to those who work tirelessly to make our lives more convenient and easy? Thankfully this homegrown burger joint is doing exactly that.

Throughout Ramadan, High Joint will be providing delivery captains with a burger, when you opt-in for a “captain burger.” The burger is priced at Dhs15 and will be handed over to the captain when they arrive at High Joint.


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The initiative is in collaboration with Careem in hopes of spreading kindness around and we are so here for it. If there wasn’t enough reason to be mega fans of the delicious burger-making squad before – this is reason enough.

High Joint delivers on all aspects of the burg. We here at What’s On HQ have had our fair share of burger-eating and when we say High Joint ranks up there with the big buns, we mean it.

Our all-time favourite at High Joint has to be the OG High Burger. Juicy, great bun integrity and a tastiness that is unmatched. We appreciate that at its core it truly is just a really good burger.

It also goes without saying that the chicken burgers at High Joint make our hearts sing. No matter your preference in protein, they have got you covered from bun to bun and everything in between (literally cause it’s the filling that makes for a good burger.)

Available on all your delivery apps and throughout Ramadan, with a simple click of a button, you will be giving back to the unsung heroes of the city.

Our orders are already placed, we hope yours are too.

High Joint, various locations around Dubai, available for delivery on Careem and Deliveroo. @high.joint

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