Sponsored: Diverse, homely cuisine welcomes you at this Ramadan celebration…

Head on over with your loved ones to HuQQabaz Dubai this Ramadan, and experience flavourful, family-centric delights that celebrate the essence of the Holy Month with sumptuous suhoor and irresistible iftar offerings.

Perfect for the whole family, HuQQabaz Dubai also has something for the little ones, with a dedicated children’s area and attendant available from noon all the way to 1am, so you can embrace the late-night, culture-infused lifestyle of Ramadan nights.

What’s On the Menu?

This fabulous fast-breaking spread will have you feasting on a dreamy array of delectable dishes, geared to satisfy every palate during every course of your meal.

Sink your teeth into a homely, Ottoman-inspired, scrumptious open buffet, available from sunset until 8pm for Iftar and from 9pm to 6am for suhoor. This carefully-curated menu rolls out a nostalgia-inducing spread reminiscent of the fare you were raised on, and that will make you feel like you’re home from the get-go.

When you’re ready to get your appetite going, begin your culinary journey at HuQQabaz Dubai with soups such as the Beyran, Ezogelin, Tarhana and Dugun, alongside a special Ramadan-inspired bread basket laden with varieties such as the Ramadan Pide flatbread and the sourdough Za’atar bread, that perfectly capture a blend of classic loaf varieties and regional favourites.

For those looking to load up on healthful portions and stay on course with their fitness goals during Ramadan, salads such as the mountain-inspired Gavurdagi and Cerkez chicken salad will have you in great shape to devour their marvellous mains.

That brings us to a truly unique selection of mains at HuQQabaz Dubai. Savour a tastebud-igniting mix with the Mutancana, which features lamb or chicken cooked with dry apricot, almonds, raisins, the Pilic topkopi with herbs and chicken, Kilis Tava, and the mini lamb shish.

When you’re ready to move on to dessert, tuck in to the queens dessert, pumpkin dessert with tahini, keskul milk pudding, and many more, before you wash it all down with refreshing beverages such as the purple reyhan serbeti, demirhindi serbiti and others.

HuQQabaz Dubai, various locations, 12pm to 6am, Dhs109 suhoor, Dhs249 iftar. @huqqabazdubai

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