Michelin Star dining at one of Abu Dhabi’s iconic landmarks…

One of the biggest takings from the 2024 Michelin Star unveiling in Abu Dhabi was the single new entry onto the Michelin Star list: ERTH. Curious to see if this restaurant is really worth its salt – or star – it’s where we find ourselves on a cool Monday evening.

The setting, within Abu Dhabi’s Qasr Al Hosn, is placid and enchanting, set amid planes and an idyllic lagoon at the capital’s oldest stone structure. True to its name, the restaurant aesthetic is best described as… e(a)rthy. With muted tones and dimmed lights, ERTH draws you in with a calm energy, one that surrounds a clientele who evidently enjoy their al fresco experience as much as, if not more, the indoor seating. As you arrive at the property, you’re greeted by architecture that tells stories spanning generations. Sink into a plush chair and marvel as efficient service staff dart around the property in a way that’s attentive, but not overly so.

As we’re seated, we’re informed ERTH has just put out a new menu, and we’re eager to see what it packs. For starters, we’re served the beetroot and chami salad (Dhs55), roasted beetroot slices served with Greek feta and chami cheese crumble. Topped with toasted pine nuts and a drizzle of honey, this is a light starter whose purpose is simply to open your palate. So if you’re expecting a breadbasket style opener, this isn’t it. Light and flavourful, the pine nuts add great character. Other options on their starter menu include the healthiest salad on ERTH (Dhs45) with grapefruit, avocado, and lime achar vinaigrette.

The main arrives, and rightly, it’s included under the ‘Indulge’ section of ERTH’s new menu. Enter the Farid-inspired ravioli fusion (Dhs85), a savoury combination of slow cooked lamb and vegetables with whole-wheat regag bread and lamb emulsion sauce. Served in neat, yet satisfying pockets of four, the creamy sauce will have you scooping and savouring till the last drop. For dessert, we’re recommended the chami cheese pannacotta (Dhs50), a silky pudding blended with vanilla and caviar-esque mango pearls. A quick search suggests chami is one of the Emirates’ oldest cheese varieties, a form of cottage cheese – it blends in well with starters and desserts alike.

ERTH also serves up an array of dishes under its Share section. Pick from the loumi black rice with char-grilled oyster mushroom (Dhs50), or the Emirati spiced hasselback potatoes (Dhs35), to name just a couple.

A party of seven walks in and are promptly seated at the table next to ours. This spot is great for fuss-free dining, a relaxing meal or when you seek a little privacy. If you’re a larger party celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or contract signing, ERTH plays the perfect host as well. Satisfying, secluded, and driven by a cultural essence true to Abu Dhabi, ERTH truly makes its mark.

What’s On Verdict: Extricate yourself from the never-ending bustle with an indulgent, high-class dining experience at ERTH.

ERTH, Qasr Al Hosn, Al Hisn, 12pm to 11pm weekdays, 8am to 11pm weekends. Tel: (0)2 441 5900. @erth.uae

Images: supplied