You can enjoy SALT Camp at Louvre Abu Dhabi throughout Ramadan

You can continue to enjoy their marvellous Japanese theme all month…

If you’ve been to SALT’s exciting Japanese-themed installation at the Louvre Abu Dhabi over the past few months, you’ll understand why news of their closure in early March would’ve been met with a few disappointed groans.

Why is why we come bearing great news: it’s going to remain open and available for you to enjoy throughout the holy month of Ramadan.


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The exciting camp site at Louvre Abu Dhabi takes you on a beautiful Japanese odyssey, and chances are you will be left marvelling at their incredible attention to detail. Enjoy a host of Japanese-themed delights beginning with a cup of matcha by the door, minimalistic yet elegant decor, and beautiful cultural displays and elements that let you immerse yourself in a culture adored globally without having to make the trip to the Land of the Rising Sun.

That said, the snap-tastic SALT Camp pop-up at Louvre Park serves some great dishes, and in true Japanese fashion, be prepared to put mind over Matcha as you order off a great selection of burgers, truffle fries and matcha-infused desserts. That, and a ton more.

What is SALT Camp all about?

The SALT Camp pop-up strives to stretch the boundaries of traditional artistic expression, while connecting the community through shared experiences at an immersive, artistic cultural experience that can be enjoyed by all. Which means, you get to bite into your burger and enjoy three-dimensional reinterpretations of iconic artworks as your ideal condiment for the day.

Past editions have served up tastebud-igniting specials for visitors, such as juicy burgers with buffalo chicken, wagyu and truffle steak, a variety of fries, cinnamon rolls, cookie sundaes and hot chocolate, and that’s only a few of the specials you can enjoy here.

If you’re looking to take back a piece of this unique experience with you, there’s also exclusive merchandise up for grabs, designed in collaboration with the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

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