The showers may not be over just yet…

If you thought the most of the rainy season was behind us, you could be proven wrong. The country is expected to be hit with another spate of rain in the coming weeks, with precipitation mostly expected during the ‘last 10 days’ of March according to a weather expert, as reported on Khaleej Times.

‘Storm Centre’, UAE’s weather expert, has predicted that rain will fall in varying intensities in different parts of the country as the month comes to an end. Earlier this month, heavy rain, thunderstorms, hail, flooding and adverse weather conditions lashed the country, and the temperatures took a dip.

Now, with the weather getting hotter, the hope is that these rains will bring the temperatures down for a few more weeks. As per the precipitation chart shared by ‘Storm Centre’, lighter rainfall (between 10mm and 40mm) is expected in coastal areas while heavier rain (between 50mm and 80mm) is expected in internal areas.

In Abu Dhabi, residents can expect varying intensities of rainfall with coastal areas receiving a total of 10mm to 20mm of rain and more internal areas receiving between 25mm to 50mm of total rain. Dubai and Sharjah are expected to experience a fair bit of rainfall even in coastal areas – between 15mm and 50mm of total accumulated precipitation.


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The immediate forecast shows the probability of light rainfall over Wednesday and Thursday, with fair to partly cloudy with cloudy at times over some Western areas and islands. The temperatures will also see a significant dip, with it getting considerably colder over Wednesday and Thursday.

Don’t pack your umbrellas away just yet and stay safe out there!


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