This is great news!

UAE authorities have launched a new method to assist employees attain their UAE residency visa and work permits in private sector companies.

The new procedure, “Work Bundle”, was announced by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.

In total, it will now take just five working days to complete your transaction rather than 30.

Sheikh Mohammed stated, ‘In our ongoing quest for government excellence, we have recently introduced the ‘Zero Bureaucracy’ initiative, aimed at streamlining procedures and enhancing efficiency within the federal government. In alignment with this vision, today marks the inaugural launch of the ‘Work Bundle’, a pioneering project designed to expedite, simplify, and streamline the processes related to residency and employment.’

Sheikh Mohammed added, ‘The Work Bundle is set to reclaim 62 million working days previously devoted to renewing residencies and employment contracts within government frameworks.’ He elaborated stating that the project is expected to reduce 25 million procedures on an annual basis which will save time for both the governmental and private sectors.

The new initiative aligns with the Zero Bureaucracy program which aims to simplify and reduce government procedures and eliminate unnecessary requirements.

Currently, this is only implemented in Dubai but will gradually expand to the other emirates.

Here’s what we know…

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The Work Bundle offers a ‘single platform to complete employment services’. This includes renewal, cancellation, medical examination, and fingerprinting.

Lesser time and documents…

Both the federal and local government entities worked together to ensure that the least amount of procedures were taken through the digital platforms to achieve results.

Customer experience is taken into account, and now rather than five platforms, the services will be available on one. The number of steps has also been reduced a significant amount, from 15 steps to five. As for documents, rather than needing 16 documents, you will now only need five. And thankfully, all this also slashes down your number of visits significantly from seven to two. In total, it will now take just five working days to complete your transaction rather than 30.

The new Work Bundle procedure is available in its first phase on the Invest in Dubai platform, following which you can find it on other government digital platforms.

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