Sponsored: Now until the middle of May…

Leading luxury label Montblanc has joined hands with Rikas Group to present the Montblanc Majlis by Ninive. Known and loved for Middle Eastern delicacies and a lavish, captivating ambiance, Ninive invites guests to step into a world of heritage, marked by a journey of flavours and traditions. This is the ideal dining destination to sample the diversity of the Arab World.


Nestled atop the roof of the 25Hours Hotel, this majlis is an exclusive, unique experience in the midst of a stunning secret garden. It is a haven of tranquility and luxury, offering an alluring sanctuary of calm in the heart of this vibrant city.

Beyond Ramadan

In some great news for all of us, the Montblanc Majlis by Ninive will be extended beyond the Holy Month, giving many who missed out another chance and those who would like to experience it again a second chance.


Whether you want to treat your family, friends and loved ones to a delicious feast, or build team bonding through corporate events, Montblanc Majlis by Ninive is the place to be. It provides the most appropriate setting to create those lasting memories. Enjoy extensive cuisine, exemplary service and breathtaking views of the stunning Dubai skyline.


Montblanc Majlis by Ninive, secret garden, rooftop of  25Hours Hotel, until mid-May, from 6pm, starts at Dhs250 per person, Tel: (0) 43 266 105, sevenrooms.com, @ninivedubai 

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