The Al Qattara Murals putting the UAE’s space mission centre stage…

The UAE’s exploration of space, and the strides it has made in this space, are seemingly endless – almost reflecting our expansive universe. In the past few years alone, we’ve seen two UAE astronauts jetting off on successful missions and we’ve also had the Hope Probe reach Mars, making the UAE the fifth country to reach the red planet’s orbit. This year, we’re here to cheer on Nora Al Matrooshi, as she suits up and blasts off to become the first female UAE astronaut.

While we can only be amazed at the mysteries that lay in infinite space while our feet stay planted on terra firma, we’re now able to head to Al Qattara Arts Centre for some unique perspectives on the cosmos from some of the UAE’s most creative artists.

Based on the theme ‘Sky and Beyond’, explore the universe through the eyes and brushstrokes of 20 Emirati and UAE-based artists at Al Qattara Murals exhibition. Now in its fourth season, your spacewalk will showcase unique and colourful perspectives of the planets, astronauts, clouds, extraterrestrial life and beyond.

Here are just a few stunning works you will see

Astronaut’s Gateway to Skybound Oceans

Astronaut’s Gateway to Skybound Oceans

ARTIST: Esra Alamin

Esra’s vision of space showcases an astronaut passing through a large gateway, to be welcomed by expansive celestial seas. Her art concept sheds light on a Quranic concept where the corners of the universe are much like the vast ocean, with the moving stars traversing the heavens like fish would in water.

Sol & Luna (Sun & Moon)

Sun and Moon - Mohamed Aljneibi - Al Qattara

ARTIST: Mohamed Aljneibi

Mohamed’s mural depicts another ocean-esque scene, where the sun, depicted with a tranquil, knowing face, reigns over the ocean-like sky with a maternal grace. Her celestial child is depicted by a sailboat with a sleepy crescent moon.

Cosmic Quest for Beloved

Quest for Beloved ASIM


Asim depicts an alternative view of an extraterrestrial; not as an invader, but as a being that goes on a heartfelt journey through the vast expanse of space to reunite with his loved one. The alien rests on a rock with the question, “Is she still out there?” inscribed in Arabic, drawing in viewers to feel a different, very emotional side to the character.

Al Qattara Arts Centre, 124 street, Al Qattarah, Abu Dhabi, 9am to 8pm daily, free entry. Tel: (0)3 711 8225. @alqattaraarts