Who run the world?

Chef Anne-Sophie Pic, an icon in the culinary world, With countless accolades in her otherwise male-dominated industry. She is the most decorated female Michelin-starred chef in the world  – her dedication to the craft is personified through intricate and exquisite flavour profiles and concoctions that would otherwise have heads turned.

Meticulous excellence

At Le Dame De Pic your choice of courses is left up to a set menu – with the choice of the Harmony menu, consisting of four courses; or the Symphony menu, which consists of seven courses. Each of these menus is also available in vegetarian and vegan options, a testament to Anne-Sophie Pic’s dedication to her craft.

We delighted in the Symphony menu – a total of 10 courses when you include the three extra amuse bouches and palate cleansers. Each of the courses is expertly paired with a mixology marvel. Something that was greatly appreciated was the lack of alcohol in some of the drinks pairing – where the cocktails enhanced the dish without being overpowering or too intense.

At the turn of each course, the waiter explains the details of each dish with amusement and love for the plate, like a twinkle lights up in their eye each time a dish is presented. Yet another testament to the detail and dedication.

While yes, there are the frills of foam and gels, sea urchin and other acquired tastes like a geranium ice cream. Nothing that was placed at the table was lacklustre or needed a kick or acidity or salt. Each dish in its own way was perfectly balanced in a fun but beautiful way that is presented with a love that cannot be described but only witnessed.

I would not venture to say that the menu is a love letter to French cuisine alone, but rather a love letter to food that is gastronomic with elements of local culture finely weaved throughout the courses.

What’s On Verdict: I like to benchmark my restaurant experience on whether I would bring my family back and can confidently say – La Dame De Pic is a gastronomic experience that I am excited to share with my loved ones in the future.

La Dame De Pic, One&Only One Za’abeel, Za’abeel, open 6pm to 12am daily, set menus start from Dhs695. Tel: (0)4 666 1617 oneandonlyresorts.com

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