Sponsored: Shop around the world without getting on a plane…

Global Village is set to close at the end of this April, but that means there is still plenty of time to enjoy the magic of this award-winning attraction. From stellar performances on the main stage to fun and interactive activities food and more.

But the shopping is where it’s really at when visiting Global Village, if you know – you know.

How you can shop around the world without leaving Dubai. 

27 pavillions, unlimited possibilities

The Middle East

Explore all around the world from country to country and experience the wonders of the world and what every country’s culture has to offer.

In the Levant, visit Syria for hand-crafted jewellery and traditional board games. Wander around while the shopkeepers sing songs that are native to Syria. Don’t forget Yemen and heir incredible honey.

The Palestinian pavilion showcases traditional clothing such as Keffiyahs, utensils and homeware. Lebanon invites guests to delight dwellers with spices and flavourful bites. In the UAE pavillion, venture through an homage to the rich culture of the country full of souvenirs, rugs, pots, incense and more. While the Saudi pavilion is full of ornaments, abayas and dates.

Asia and Europe

Wander around the rich and vast cultures of Asia, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan pavillions are full of unique clothing, spices and high-end carpets.

In the East, Japan, China and Korea represent the cultures with markets full of teacups and pots, dolls, manga memorabilia authentic tea, k-beauty and self-care accessories.

A trip to Europe means experiencing Russian dolls, a brand new Harry Potter store, mother-of-pearl jewellery boxes and plenty of other treasures.

Africa and The Americas

The Africa pavilion offers traditional household items such as traditional masks and handwoven baskets. No African experience is complete without shea butter.

North and South America are both highlighted through unique shopping opportunities – with Peruvian souveniers, hand-painted utensils ornaments and ponchos from Mexico.

Global Village, doors open from 4pm, Tickets cost Dhs22.50 online and Dhs25 at the gate. globalvillage.ae

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