Celebrating your favourite food brands with your attire…

Whether you’re a devoted regular of a neighbourhood taco joint, or you simply enjoy showing your general enthusiasm for burgers and brisket, some people just can’t stop wearing their love for food on their sleeves.

Luckily, merch options abound…

Nightjar Coffee Roasters

Nightjar merch

If you’ve got a soft spot for this Alserkal stalwart, these stonewash tees should be right up your caffeinated street. While the front keeps it cool and simple, the back is a party parade of colours, with each design and motif proudly representing the key coffee bean countries that Nightjar sources from.

Priced at Dhs190. @nightjar.coffee


Pickl merch

Dubai’s resident burger merchants don’t just specialise in churning out juicy patties and killer chicken sandos. No, no, no – they also specialise in making excellent merch. You can flaunt your loyalty on your legs with these sporty Pickl socks. Choose between royal blue or hot pink font for a subtler yet fun way to declare your burger allegiance.

Priced at Dhs35. @pickl.mena

Rascals Deli


This tremendous sandwich shop in Wasl Square is just one of those new food brands that has their aesthetic down pat. We don’t know which we love more – the vintage-style t-shirts and trucker hats using retro fonts and slogans, or the new Hello Kitty collab. Whichever you choose, they’ll each make a fun addition to your wardrobe.

Prices start at Dhs175. @rascalsdeli



Available in shades of pink, lavender and black and white, Dubai’s ever-charming pitmaster – and the man behind Dubai’s best brisket – Hattem Mattar’s cosy jogger set is a thing of baggy, stretchy beauty – the perfect outfit to eat platters of brisket, pastrami and wings, then enjoy a food coma on your couch.

Hoodies priced at Dhs350; Tracksuit bottoms priced at Dhs250. @mattar.ae


Maiz Taco Merch

The bucket hat has had one of the biggest fashion glow-ups over the last few years, fast becoming a wardrobe mainstay. Protect yourself from the sun, look good and show your taco appreciation for the multi-award-winning, neighbourhood favourite Maiz. Look out for Maiz’s fantastic – but currently sold-out – stock of Palestine proud t-shirts.

Bucket hats priced at Dhs150; T-shirts prices at Dhs135. @maizdxb


Lento merch

Available in various colours, including baby blue, honey yellow, peach, grey and navy, the new t-shirt collection by local burger legends Lento is simple and stylish, emblazoned with their mantra “simplified to amplify” on the front, and their smiley face logo on the back.

Priced at Dhs145. @lento.ae

Kooya Filipino Eatery

Kooya Merch

Dubai’s hottest Filipino joint – helmed by the enigmatic JP Anglo – also happens to sell totes and limited edition buttoned-up shirts. The latter is a stylish “Year of the Dragon” collab between Dayo and Kooya, branded with “Stay Lucky” on the left breast, and a huge dragon outlined in red on the back.

Tote bags priced at Dhs100; T-shirts priced at Dhs250. @kooyafilipinoeatery

Pitfire Pizza Bakers

Nothing says, “I have excellent taste” like a t-shirt that’s emblazoned with the name of your favourite pizza parlour. Pitfire’s got four sweet design options by various artists, including this fine illustration – a cheeky ode to the faithful marinara – by Dina Sami available to purchase in their Arjan and Dubai Hills branches. They also have cute totes.

Priced at Dhs110; tote bags priced at Dhs45. @pitfirepizzabakers



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Pay your respects to one of Dubai’s greatest bakeries with their simple canvas tote. After all, there’s no better means of carrying around your Emirati honey and sea salt croissants, and country sourdough. Take it everywhere you go.

Priced at Dhs20. @birch.bakery

Varak Dubai

Husband and wife dessert business Varak Dubai doesn’t just sell luxurious cakes and confectionery that come lovingly prepared and expertly packaged, it also sells this equally wonderful Varak-branded tee (available in white and racing green).

Prices start at Dhs120. @varaktheedibleluxury

Honeycomb Hi-Fi

Honeycomb hifi merch

Worthy of its position as one of the best bars in Dubai, Honeycomb’s curated music playlist, effortlessly cool drinks and chic sharing plates combine to create a slick experience. Their long sleeves and tees, which come in various designs and colours, are pretty perfect, too.

T-shirts priced at Dhs110; Long sleeves priced at Dhs140. @honeycombhifi

One Life

One Life merch

Show your love for d3’s beloved café, coffee roasters and workspace by nabbing a trucker cap (available in pink, yellow and navy), or one of their cute yellow tees. It’s branded with the One Life logo below two smiley bottle boys. The message? “Save manpower, material and AED6 on your next order” when you bring back their glass bottles to the café. You’ll look good while spreading awareness.

Trucker caps priced at Dhs125; T-shirts priced at Dhs175. @onelifed3