Wellness that goes beyond the consultation room…

Dubai has been quietly developing into something of a health and wellness hub and, as an organic benefit of that, has attracted and inspired individuals keen to look beyond the reach of traditional medicine. Holistic healing is an approach to wellness that sees health as interconnected, taking into account social, emotional and mental factors.

Across the city and beyond, there are wonderful alternative medicine clinics offering a range of spectacular services and expertise that come from a desire to use intuition and the understanding that everything we do, feel and sense are just parts of a larger oneness.

Reiki healing with Dina Ghandour

Originating in Japan, this form of alternative medicine focuses on your energy. Practitioners will use a technique called palm healing where a universal energy is transferred from the practitioner to the patient which seeks to encourage emotional or physical healing. Reiki healing shouldn’t be used as a sole treatment for medical conditions, however, the healing technique is said to help replenish energy in the body leave patients feeling revitalised and promote general relaxation. Dina suggests that a reiki session can lead to a deep sense of peacefulness, warmth, improved sleep and mental clarity. Reiki healing packages with Dina start from Dhs1,390 for two sessions.


Acupuncture at TCM Shanghai

One of the key components of traditional Chinese medicine, it is one of the oldest practices and dates back to approximately 100 BCE, where gold and silver needles were found in the tomb of Liu Sheng who was the ruler of the Western Han empire. During acupuncture, small sterile, single-use needles are inserted into the patient’s skin in specific pressure points in the body and this is said to help alleviate pain and treat different health issues. Acupuncture is said to help with a huge collection of bodily ailments, is often associated with pain relief, and for alleviating the symptoms of fibromyalgia, tinnitus and more. Pricing is subject to consultations.

TCM Shanghai 37b Street, Villa 1, Jumeirah Beach Road, Umm Suqeim, Tcmshanghai.ae

Family Constellations at Kayani

Coined in the 90s, this is considered to be a blend of constellation work with psychological aspects of healing to form the Constellation Methodology. Taking teachings from the Zulu people’s rituals and the focal point that their culture had on ancestors and elders – a German psychotherapist created the practice as a means of delving deep into unrecognised dynamics that span across multiple generations in a given family and the sessions aim to resolve various dynamics. In a session led by a guide, Family Constellations seek to transform any underlying issues that one may have, allowing clients to break free from emotional entanglements which leads to a deeper understanding of the self and of the family dynamic. Prices based on sessions required.

Kayani Street 29B, Villa 9, Al Manara, Keyaniwellness.com

IV Vitamin therapy at Wellth

A slightly lighter side of wellness that is customized for each person’s needs. Choose from a range of drips designed for you to achieve your specific goal, from “post-party” IV drips to anti-stress or super detox IV drips – each drip is designed to help you achieve faster recovery, improved health and boosted energy as well as aid in nutritional absorption. This kind of wellness requires a little less internal digging but is still equally important. IV drips start from Dhs900 and you will also receive discounts after your first, forth and fifth session.

Wellth, Villa A 25, Al Urouba Street, Al Wasl Rd, Jumeirah 2, Wellth.ae

Yoga and sound healing at Seva Experience

alternative wellness in dubai

This luscious retreat-like venue is known and loved in Dubai for its incredibly welcoming space, Seva Experience is home to countless wonderful classes and events. Their treatment menu includes womb therapy, hypnotherapy, body work treatments, chakra healing yoga, and vinyasa flow yoga. Sound healing and meditation are both an important aspect of holistic healing. Activating the parasympathetic nervous system, sound healing uses the opposite of the stress flight or fight response. Meditation aids in stress management, self-awareness and provides clarity and promotes happiness.

Seva Experience, Jumeirah Beach Road, 27B Street, Villa 5/1B Jumeirah, sevaexperience.com

Tarot reading at Home of Wellness

alternative wellness in dubai

Helping clients to understand the unconscious mind and patterning of their life. Tarot card reading uses a deck of 78 cards to gain insight into an individual’s past, present, or future. Dating back to as early as the 1440s tarot reading is often used as a tool to seek personal guidance and spiritual growth. The approach at Home of Wellness is that tarot card reading is used as a tool to help extract understanding and meaning from real world events. Home of Wellness also offers a long list of other alternative healing practices such as pranic healing, palm reading and more.

Home of Wellness Meditation Center, Villa 1069, Al Wasl Rd, Umm Suqeim 2, yourhomefwellness.com 

Ice bath at Refive Spa

alternative wellness in dubai

Minimising inflammation, building your immunity, and aiding in lymphatic, circulatory and digestive systems – ice baths are a newer form of wellness that is similar to cryotherapy which dates back to 3000 BCE in ancient Egypt where it was used as a wound treatment. Ancient Greece also saw the use of cryotherapy where cold water immersion was first used as a form of socialising and relaxation before its deeper benefits were seen. At Refive Spa sessions come with a coach who will help with breathwork and meditation exercises and sessions start from Dhs145.

Refive Spa, Five Palm Jumeirah, palmjumeirah.fivehotelsandresorts.com

Images: Supplied and unsplash