Take note… 

Last week, the UAE saw the heaviest rainfall in 75 years according to the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM). And while we don’t expect to be seeing a return of the extreme weather faced during the dramatic storm last week, the NCM is forecasting more rain across the country this week.

As per their five-day forecast Monday April 22 will be largely dry but cloudy, with light to moderate winds.

The highest probability for rainfall comes on Tuesday April 23, with a chance of light to moderate rainfall expected, particularly over the eastern and southern areas of the country. According to the NCM website, there’s currently a 30 to 90 per cent chance of rain over Dubai on Tuesday.

The weather looks set to improve from the middle of the week, with Wednesday’s forecast suggesting fairer skies with light cloud and a weak chance of rain over the far northeastern area of the country. There are chances of light rainfall on Thursday and Friday, but these are forecast only over the mountains and far northern and eastern areas.

The UAE is still recovering after the unprecedented storm and torrential rain hit on Tuesday last week. Public transportation, airports and flights, and more were all affected but are slowly and surely getting back on track, with many areas of the city now resuming normal operations.


Featured image: Getty Images