Have we seen an end to the historic storms..?

After what we now know was the most prolific downpour of the last 75 years, and with UAE residents taking stock of the fallout from this extreme weather – the question we’re all asking is… Is there any more of it on the way?

That’s rain, not borderline unprecedented historic events. That’s just life now apparently.

The short answer is, that there may be a little bit more precipitation on the way, but it certainly seems like the heavy, kayak-appropriate, why is it raining inside? Inundations are behind us.

The National Centre of Meterology (NCM), the UAE’s weather experts (and a name you’re probably more than usually familiar with after the past few days), have issued their latest five-day forecast and the prognosis can be condensed under the phrase ‘a massive improvement’.

With torrents of water still retreating from much of the UAE’s urban reach, today’s outlook still warns of “rainfall over some coastal, northern, and eastern areas”. But there are brighter skies ahead.

On Thursday, April 18 – we’re told to expect prevailing weather that is “partly cloudy in general and cloudy with rainfall over some coastal, northern, and eastern areas” and a gradual increase in temperature.

Friday’s forecast continues the theme with “fair” weather during the day and an increased humidity at night.

Saturday and Sunday are much the same, with the chance of some cloud cover.

But until the run-off waters have subsided, the best advice remains to not travel unless it’s completely necessary, and to avoid using delivery services where possible. stay safe out there Dubai.

Images: Getty