Sponsored: An all-new vegan menu beckons…

Vegans – unite. Vietnamese Foodies is introducing a brand new plant-based menu and it’s sure to be chock full of not just nutrition and goodness, but also flavour and texture. The nourishing range of dishes features a delicious variety.

vietnamese foodies vegan

From the refreshing vegan cabbage salad topped with dehydrated mushrooms to the hearty vegan laksa loaded with tofu skin, sweet potato, and lotus root, there are many such menu highlights to choose from.

Also sample the tofu skin stir fry with dehydrated mushrooms and aromatic lemongrass, as well as their vegan sweet and sour stir fry. The new vegan menu will be available both for dine-in and delivery.

vietnamese foodies vegan

There is much use of tofu skin in the menu, and its inventive use showcases their dedication to culinary innovation, creativity and offering a unique, experiential culinary journey to the diners.

vietnamese foodies vegan

Vietnamese Foodies is a wholesome family-owned business that has been expanding in the city and making waves in the local Vietnamese dining scene. The chain boasts seven restaurants across Dubai and is well known for affordable and authentic dishes inspired by the streets of Saigon.

Vietnamese Foodies, across various locations, @vietnamesefoodies, vietnamesefoodies.com 

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