Coffee dates galore…

Glamming up, going to a pretty cafe and gorging on coffee and pastries as we chat the time away? Sign us up! Coffee dates for no particular reason besides just coffee dates will forever be the ultimate mark of an evolved friendship – that’s when you know this one’s staying. Luckily for all us firm believers, Al Wasl Road seems to be the hotspot for gorgeous cafes – here’s just a few of them. Take your pick.

The Grey


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This modernist space is more a lifestyle concept than just a cafe and blends coffee culture with the multicultural fabric of the city. The sleek, minimalist grey interiors are hard to miss and the menu features a variety of delectable eats such as breakfast bits, renditions of eggs, burgers and of course, all the coffee. Iced teas, boba, smoothies and mocktails are a bonus.

The Grey, 9A Street, Al Wasl Road, Dubai, daily, 7.30am to 11pm, Tel: (0) 4 236 2996, @theygreydxb

Forever Rose Cafe

forever rose cafe dubai

The facade of Forever Rose Cafe is unmissable as you drive down the Al Wasl Road, with its stunning 3D -sketchbook look. The concept is inspired by a storybook theme, and basically, the entire space resembles a hand drawn cafe made to look like 3D. The cafe serves light bites, mains, sweet treats and coffee, so it’s perfect for a casual coffee date.

Forever Rose Cafe, Box Park, Al Wasl Road, daily, 8am to 12am, Tel: (0) 4 548 4210, @foreverrosecafe

Around The Block

Around The Block opened doors in 2019, and has been serving up handcrafted speciality coffees and international dishes with a local twist ever since. Everything about this space is sleek and minimalist, from the interiors to the cutlery, and simple, good food is always around the block.

Around The Block, Wasl 51, daily, 8am to 11.30pm, Tel: (0) 4 342 8000, @aroundtheblock

Alchemy Cafe

The minimalist look seems to be all the rage, as Alchemy Cafe is another one from that category. The coffee is truly the highlight here, sourced from ethical single farms coffees, then roasted to perfection. There is also a patisserie, serving handcrafted pastries, cakes and treats. Every variety of coffee your heart desires – it’s all there.

Alchemy Cafe, Al Wasl Road, Dubai, daily, 8am to 10pm, Tel: (0) 4 344 2466, @alchemydubai 

Saddle Cafe

This unique food experience offers more than just artisan coffee. The menu is quite the spread, and features from pastries to sourdough toast and granola to acai and more. Perfect for a wholesome breakfast, a coffee pick-me-up or a relaxing matcha. The concept of Saddle follows a pop-up format, with trucks and themed stalls coming now regularly.

Saddle Cafe, Al Wasl Road, daily, 7am to 2am, Tel: (0) 56 401 5771, @saddledubai

Cafe Two Point Oh

Think cafe experience but elevated. Cafe Two Point Oh bridges the gap between cafe life and gourmet dining, with a full-fledged menu developed by fine dining chefs. Of course, we do have the artisan coffee and the breakfast fare, but here you can truly indulge.

Cafe Two Point Oh, Al Wasl Road, daily, 8am to 11pm, @cafetwopointoh

Awaken Cafe


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Awaken Cafe has both dine-in and drive-thru options, so you can relax in the space or get your goodies to go. Expect to find all the typical cafe fare, from breakfast dishes to desserts and the golden bean juice, with coffee roasts for every palette. The range of sweet treats is quite impressive, so if you have a sweet tooth, you might want to check it out.

Awaken Cafe, 1090 Al Wasl Road, Dubai, daily, 7am to 12am, Tel: (0) 50 690 6612,

Bagel Yard


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Bagel Yard brings to Dubai the taste of freshly-made bagels from Montreal. Inspired by Montreal’s bagel culture, each bagel is hand-rolled and wood-fired the traditional way: a little crunch and a slight chew. It’s a little bit of a different offering than your usual cafe varieties and just the thing to add some variety to your coffee dates.

Bagel Yard, Al Wasl Road, Dubai, daily, 8am to 11pm, Tel: (0) 4 349 5404, @bagelyard


Not only can you have cute dates with your pals at Paus;, you can also take your office to it, you can start your self-care journey and you can be a part of a community. The spot offers an all-day breakfast and a wellness space offering food, healing and mental well-being to all.

Paus;, Al Reef Villas, Al Wasl Road, Dubai, daily, 7am to 10pm, Tel: (0) 4 266 5329,

amongst few café


You probably know amongst few as the premium lifestyle and streetwear brand, but they also have a cafe, and it’s just as premium as you would think. The menu is quite extensive and features a mix of the cuisines and dishes from around the world. The coffee shop meets creative space is adjacent to the amongst few brick-and-mortar store.

amongst few café, Bahwan Complex, Al Wasl Road, daily, 9am to 9pm, Tel: (0) 4 236 0031, @amongstfewcafe

Lune Lounge


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As minimalist as it gets, Lune Lounge is a stunning stone space that will transport you into a zone of calm and serenity. The all-white cafe has the perfect vantage point for a gorgeous view of the Burj Khalifa and even has a terrace for you to enjoy this glorious weather that’s come upon us.

Lune Lounge, Al Wasl Road, Dubai, daily, 3pm to 2am, Tel: (0) 4 223 9544, @lunedubai 

BLK Cab Central

At BLK Cab Central, your coffee date is just the beginning. The space, decked out in black and white, features loads of fun games to get stuck in, like foosball, arcade games and more. Find delicious desserts, unique savouries, all-day dining and handcrafted coffee at this little piece of London in the region.

BLK Cab Coffee, Wasl 51, daily, 8am to 12am, @blkcabcoffee

Late Lounge

Late Lounge is the perfect daytime coffee date vibe – the clean wooden furniture and the carefully curated greenery. There’s much to sample on the menu, besides the pastries and the coffee, including different flavours of pizza, breakfast dishes, burgers, sandwiches and more.

Late Lounge, Al Wasl Road, Dubai, daily, 9am to 1am, Tel: (0) 50 771 9938, 



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This stylish spot is all about those delicious cafe bites and premium coffee. The interiors feature a beautiful, expansive light display on the ceiling and traditional murals on the walls. A strong contender for your coffee date consideration.

AJ1881, Al Wasl Road Dubai, daily, 8am to 12am, Tel: (0) 4 546 9001, @aj1881.uae

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1640 Bistronomy

1640 Bistronomy is all things chic and understated. Inspired by the European bistro experience, the venue will position itself as a gastronomical hub that serves as an evolving platform for formulating unique F&B solutions.

1640 Bistronomy, Wasl Vita, Al Wasl, Jumeirah, daily, 8am to 12am, Tel: (0) 50 903 4929, @1640bistronomyuae

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