Road trip baby…

Who doesn’t love a speedy getaway? No, you don’t need your passport for this one, as there are plenty of unique destinations in the UAE. It may be a drive away, but at the end of it, you’re rewarded with a gorgeous location. From tall mountains to fossil dunes, man-made lakes and more – the landform variety does not disappoint. Take your pick from these…

8 fun and quick road trips in the UAE you have to try


There isn’t a spot quite as naturally beautiful as Hatta in Dubai. With its stunning views and exciting experiences, it’s a perfect spot to visit to be one with nature. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it is truly a retreat, and best enjoyed when the temperatures go down. Of course, up in the mountains, it will be delightfully cooler, so you don’t want to miss out on this chance. Camping under the stars, kayaking and more smashing adventures await. Bookings for all the hotels will reopen on September 15.


Jebel Hafeet

Jebel Hafeet stands proudly over Al Ain as one of the UAE’s only natural and most beautiful attractions. The second-tallest peak in the country features a twisting road and an exciting climb up to the top. On top of a mountain that high, the views are sure to be breathtaking, and Jebel Hafeet’s scenic, panoramic views are all that and much more. There’s also loads of history in the region, with a set of beehive tombs dating back to the Bronze Age at the foot of the mountain.


Jebel Jais


Jebel Jais is one of those places the beauty of which you never tire of, no matter how many times you visit. Located in Ras Al Khaimah, the magnificent peak – the tallest in the UAE – is part of the Hajar mountain range, and shares some turf with Oman. It’s a thrill seeker’s dream, with activities like hiking, zip lining, sledding and even a Bear Grylls-style boot camp – all against the backdrop of stunning views. There are also options to grab a bite, relax and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Love Lakes


Not far from Al Qudra Lake, Love Lakes is another set of man-made lakes, but not quite like a regular one. The two lakes are in the shape of hearts intersecting each other. It’s a picturesque location, and quite popular with residents and tourists alike flocking to it frequently. It’s home to more than 100 species of animals, flowers and plants and is a great way to be out in the desert.

Al Qudra Lake

If you’re looking for the perfect picnic spot, Al Qudra Lake might just be it. These artificial lakes in the heart of Dubai’s desert are best enjoyed in the cooler months when you can camp by the lakefront, take a ride down the Al Qudra Cycling track or enjoy some bites from the food trucks. It’s also a great place to spot native Dubai wildlife in their natural habitat including desert foxes, oryx, and a number of bird species including some on the endangered list, such as the steppe eagle and the Asian houbara.

Sir Baniyas Island

There’s more than one mode of transportation involved in this one, but it’s worth it (pinky promise). Sir Baniyas Island is probably the most wildlife-dense location in the country. Home to over 11,000 animals, it’s practically one giant wildlife reserve, and several endangered species such as the blackbuck antelope and Arabian oryx as well as giraffe, ostrich and cheetah call the home. It’s a step into a landscape, with lush greenery and wilderness. You can take a safari tour of the island and explore the diversity as it roams free. It’s a 25-minute boat ride from Jebel Dhanna, which itself is a two-hour drive from downtown Abu Dhabi.


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