Get summer-body ready (the healthy way)…

UAE homegrown hero, Go Organic is a popular household name when it comes to juice and soup detox plans. But now, fans can enjoy nourishing meal resets from the health food experts with options to help you detox and loose weight.

The meal plans are prepared in collaboration with Spouted Carrot, a company that aims to cultivate a love for nutritious food at a young age. Similarly, Go Organics foundations rest on the philosophy of ‘putting more plants on your plate’ and ‘love your microbiome’. So you don’t have to get the dictionaries out, microbiome are small microorganisms which contribute in big ways to human health and wellness.

go organic

Speaking on the new launch, founder of Go Organic Meenaxy Vashishtha stated, “While juice cleanses offer short-term detoxification benefits, our new meal plan detoxes provide a holistic approach, incorporating high-fibre, low-glycemic soups and an array of nutrient-dense solid foods. This ensures sustained detoxification, nourishment, and effective weight management.”

The newly introduced meal reset options span gut cleanse, liver detox, alkaline detox, protein reset and skinny cleanse. Each have been carefully curated and include a range of meals from salads to gluten-free noodles, pastas, wraps, and gourmet snacks.

go organic

Some of the dishes you can expect in your box include gluten-free bread with tofu, chickpea shakshuka, soups, salads and more. You will also get smoothies and cold-pressed juices, and snacks such as protein bars and cookies.

Customers will be able to pick from a variety of durations, including 3-day, 6-day, 2-week, 1-month, and 3-month plans, tailored to individual goals and lifestyles.

Prices start from Dhs549 for a 3-day all-inclusive meal plan and this includes three to six meals per day. Orders can be made on the website, or through WhatsApp on 055 625 0664. Delivery is flexible so customers can pick what suits their schedule. It is also available across the UAE.

The meal resets are also customisable meaning customers are given options based on their individual preferences and goals.

For more information visit  and or contact 055 625 0664.

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