How many days will we be getting off..?

UAE Cabinet resolution No. 27 of 2024, published in the Official Gazette (the sanctioned dispatch of laws and decrees issued by the UAE Government) details the government’s plans for both public and private holidays in 2025.

What are the UAE public holidays for 2025?

An article that appeared in Gulf News, revealed that confirmed UAE public and private sector holidays for 2025 will include:

  • As has been the tradition in recent years, a one-day holiday on January 1 (Wednesday), 2025, celebrating the New Year
  • A three-day holiday for Eid Al Fitr from Shawwal 1-3 (moon sighting dependent). An extra day may be added if Ramadan completes 30 days.
  • There will be one day off for Arafat Day (Dhu Al Hijjah 9) and three further days for Eid Al Adha (Dhu Al Hijjah 10 to 12).
  • One day will be given for Islamic New Year (falling on Muharram 1,  Gregorian Calendar date to be confirmed).
  • The Gulf News article also states that the calendar provides holidays for Prophet Mohammed’s (PBUH) birthday (falling on Rabi Al Awwal 12, Gregorian Calendar date to be confirmed).
  • It also appears that next year we will be getting December 2 and 3 (Tuesday and Wednesday), to honour Commemoration Day and to celebrate the 54th UAE Union Day (what was formally National Day).

What if those holidays fall on a weekend?

The second part of resolution No. 27 of 2024 states that “with the exception of Eid holidays, any of the official holidays mentioned in article No.1 may be carried over by a Cabinet decision to the beginning or end of the week”.

There’s also a resolution inclusion that declares “local governments may approve any other official holidays not mentioned in this resolution for their government departments and institutions on special occasions or for any other reason.”

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