On the hunt for some good buns, hon…

Burgers hold a very special place in our hearts here at What’s On HQ and we are a house divided as to where to find the best burgers in Dubai. There has been quite a lot of beef among us when choosing between brioche or potato bun, to pickle or not to pickle – how many patties are too many patties and the list goes on. But in celebration of World Burger Day (today, May 28) we have come to the decision that all burgers in Dubai are equally loved and equally delicious.

These just happen to be What’s On’s favourite burgers in Dubai.

Truffle burger from BEAU


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My team think I’m deliberately boujee. Unfortunately, my all-time favourite burger does nothing to dispel that perception. But the truffle burger from BEAU (Dhs75) is a bun above the rest. This burger comes from the culinary mastermind of chef Vincent Le Moal, who came through the ranks at iconic hotels like Paris’ George V and the Burj Al Arab before opening his fancy take on a burger joint. In a perfectly-spongy-on-the-inside-lightly-toasted-on-the-outside bun, you’ll find a tender patty of double Angus beef, a slice of cheese that’s melted just enough to ooze over the meat, a moreish truffle sauce, and a smattering of sweetly-spiked caramelized onions and pan-fried mushrooms. Few compare. – Alice Holtham, Group Editor 


The OB Cheeseburger from Orfali Bros. Bistro

Burgers are like auras. Just go with it. They’re manifestations of mood, a meaty treaty acessory that lays bare your soul. If I’m feeling fancy, I’ll seek out something graceful, truffle-smothered, buttery and beefed up with a pedigree patty. Mischievious me hunts for buns packed with jalapeno and gooey cheese. But there is one burger, whose objective superiority frees it from the bonds of disposition – there is never a bad time for an OB Cheeseburger at Orfali Bros. Bistro. It’s just one of a million reasons (and one of the least pure) to visit the restaurant – but pound-for-pound, dirham-for-dirham it’s easily the best burger in Dubai. It’s a large hadron collider smash of poise and passion, it’s a ballerina balancing act, it’s art and science, elegance and sleeze, seared with love and smothered in cheese. – Miles Buckeridge, Deputy Editor, Dubai


Parma sando from Slaw


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I’m not a beef eater, so that eliminates plenty of burger restaurants in Dubai. But I’m pretty sure a chicken burger is just as delicious. My fave? The Parma Sando from Slaw. There’s no drama, no unnecessary frills, just a delicious golden-fried chicken with that irresistible crunch, parma sauce, and grated parmesan cheese. The classic sando is just as good, but I am not a huge pickle fan. – Aarti Saundalkar, Online Reporter 


Bull Burger from Eleven Green

In the cut-throat world of burgers in Dubai, Eleven Green stands out. The homegrown burger joint is the brainchild of Sultan and Kinda Chatila, the humble husband-and-wife duo that are taking the local foodie scene by storm; from cult favourite supper club, Tano’s at 8, to opening a permanent, sell-out burger joint. It all began when Sultan decided to enter a local burger competition with their famous Bull Burger. Not only did they win regionally, but the burger was also awarded the third-best burger in the world for 2022. The Bull Burger features a juicy 100% Wagyu beef patty (pressed, not smashed), served in a freshly baked Hokkaido milk bun with melty cheese, raw onion, zingy bacon jam, and their signature bull sauce. Sides of fries, a milkshake, and the fudge-a-la-mode dessert are also must-orders. – Tamara Wright, Online Reporter 


Maple siracha chicken from Krush Burger

Look, their burgers might be mini, but man are they mighty in flavour town. Krush Burger is my guilty pleasure that I share with my man after a night out – I know that that in turn makes it sound like the burger isn’t good but let me tell you, I might not like spice much (I have the tolerance of vanilla ice cream) but this burger is so delicious it’s just well worth the pain I endure. Another benefit is that the burgs also come in slider form which means you can eat two without feeling guilty – enter the Krush beef as my second burger to enjoy. And since these burgers are enjoyed after a night out, add in a crazy chicken fries and a cookies and cream milkshake and you have a recipe for doing a happy dance. – Shelby Gee, Junior Reporter 


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