Sponsored: Chef Serhat presents a unique degustation menu that centres around the croissant and its diverse history…

You’ve probably seen the viral, super-sized Bohox croissant on your Instagram feed, known and loved across the city as one of the must-try dishes for adding a splash of wow-factor to your Instagram. But this summer, there’s a new reason to check out Bohox, and it’s still all about the croissant.


Chef Serhat, the master behind Bohox’s flavourful all-day dining menu has curated a special degustation menu that celebrates the history and development of the croissant. A celebration of the beloved pastry and its unique culinary traditions, the menu transcends centuries as it takes diners on a journey through unique and delicate dishes.


The inspiration for this unique menu dates back to the 17th Century, when the Ottoman Empire attempted to invade Vienna for the second time. The city’s bakers, who worked through the night, heard the Ottomans tunneling beneath the walls and alerted the city’s defenders. Following the victory, a Viennese baker created crescent-shaped pastries, symbolizing the Ottoman flag, to celebrate the triumph. These pastries, distributed freely, served as a subtle yet powerful message of resilience and culture pride.

That story is brought to life through the new degustation menu at Bohox, which is priced at Dhs389. A symbol of the power food has of bringing people together, it’s a wholesome and unique culinary experience best enjoyed with your nearest and dearest.

Bohox, 55 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd, Downtown Dubai, daily 9am to 1am. Tel: (0)52 103 2646. @thebohox