Forget the Dhs14.6 million Bugatti Veyron, or the almost-as-expensive Ferrari FFs, Bentley Continental GT, McLaren Mercedes SLS, Aston Martin One and Lamborghini Aventador that already feature in the Dubai Police garage. For the crime fighting force have a new means of keeping up with wrongdoers.

It’s called Zippi, and it’s ridden by Corporal Jameel Jalal Ali Mohammed, who has developed quite a cult following on his patrol along JBR’s new shopping precinct, The Beach, home of the famous sand sculptures.

The two-wheeled electric ‘vehicle’, which can use lifts and comes complete with lights and siren, is certainly more adept at dealing with the throngs of people and traffic that are flocking to the new hub right on the beach front. It has a maximum speed of about 20kph and costs Dhs28,000.

Speaking to 7Days, Corporal Mohammed said: “When they see me they are very happy. There are many Lamborghinis and Bugattis – but only one of me.”

Having also spoken to Jean-Paul Logiotato, the managing director of Dubai-based company which has designed Zippi, the newspaper also report that discussions are in place for the fleet to be extended to other pedestrianised parts of the city. It was claimed in January that around 15 were being sought.

Insisting his design is merely similar as opposed the same as the common Segway, Logiotatos revealed that the one in operation in Dubai works by pointing your toes forward and heels back to determine the direction. “It’s like a joystick,” he added.

Meanwhile, Lamborghini have opened a new showroom in Abu Dhabi featuring their newest supercar, the Huracan LP-610. Priced at Dhs850,000, it comes with a 5.2-litre, 610bhp V10 engine, and replaces the infamous Gallardo. The top speed is 325 kph.