What’s On has details of sand sculpturing classes being given by the Australian Jenny Rossen who created the JBR sand sculptures on JBR Beach, Dubai.

The JBR sand sculptures have had tongues wagging since they appeared in front of The Beach shopping district earlier this year, with the public gawping at the sheer brilliance of the creations.

The woman behind it, an Australian named Jenny Rossen, has gained a cult following as a result. And now she has decided to pass on some of the tricks of the trade to those who want to know how to make a better sandcastle; it is the weather for it, after all.

Sand Art at The Beach with Jenny the Sandcastle Girl is running everyday until April 19 from 9am to noon, and is free. All you have to do is register at info@thebeach.ae with your preferred date and time, along with your contact information.

To see the original creations in all their glory, click here.

Meanwhile, our friends at Hype spoke with Jenny recently, to find out more.

Where are you from? Perth, in Australia.

When did you come to Dubai? I first visited in 2000 and moved here in 2001.

What do you do here? When I first came to Dubai I worked on the Dubai Shopping Festival and then the Dubai Summer Sunrises. At that time I was travelling around the world for sand sculpture work, usually twice a month, and Dubai was where I was based. It was much better than being in Australia because Perth is a 24-hour flight from nearly everywhere else. There was always some festival or event in Dubai that the government was spending money on.

I lived in JBR for the last five years with my husband and son. I was able to teach the joy of beach life to my son. We made sandcastles nearly every day.

Tell us about your sand sculptures at JBR… I had just moved back to Perth when I got a call to come and make a sandcastle on the beach at JBR. It was my home in Dubai so I knew that I could make something really great for all my friends, and I had a good budget so I could employ the best sand sculptors in the world.

I always wanted to make a sand sculpture of the city so I presented my drawing. The client doubled the size of the sand pile, which I recommended, and that guaranteed the success of the job. It was a dream job – on the beach in a fantastic location.      At night the sculptures are lit up and look great. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum came and had a look at the sand sculptures, too. What a thrill to be standing next to my work with him.

How do you feel knowing that the sandcastles aren’t permanent? Making sand sculptures is like listening to a really great song – you just get into it for the joy of the moment. You aren’t worried when it will end.

Do you make sculptures with anything more permanent than sand? No, I like that it just goes back to the earth, from sand to sand.

Are there many other sand sculptors here in Dubai? I think I’m the only professional sand sculptor here, but when I do a project I’ll bring in a team of top-notch sculptors from around the world.

Were you always making sandcastles as a child? Oh yes.

First impressions of Dubai? I loved it. It was so great to be part of a city with so many festivals and so much diversity.

And now? I’ve had many different stages of life here. I was single and running my own business; I was married and living as a young professional; and I have enjoyed the lifestyle as a mum and wife. And now I’m a working mum again. Dubai has always had something to offer.

Favourite place to eat locally? Whenever I have a crew of sand sculptors coming to Dubai on a project I always treat them to dinner at TGI Fridays on the balcony at Dubai Mall. There you can eat great food and watch the fountains – it’s my favourite restaurant in Dubai.

Favourite place to catch up with friends? I like the Hilton beach bar. It’s child-friendly and so great to watch the sun set there.

Favourite event in Dubai? I love the variety of the events, there is so much to do and see here  – from camel races to magic shows.

What do you do when you need some ‘me’ time? I go and have a Royal Hammam at the One And Only Royal Mirage. It makes me feel like a million dollars again.

What’s the secret to success in this city? Be patient and determined, and just produce good quality things – people will notice.

What’s your top tip for getting the most out of Dubai? Be here right now.