What’s On tells you the Dubai to America flight time, including cities like Chicago, LA, New York, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Miami, Washington DC and Boston.

American landmarks
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An architectural masterpiece
One of the most beautiful cities in America and scene of the world’s first skyscraper, Chicago sure is handsome. The Wrigley building, built by the family that owns the chewing gum company, is a highlight, as is the famous John Hancock skyscraper. Learn about the rise of America’s third largest city on a cruise along the Charles River with an architectural expert. It’s a big, modern city with a warm Midwest welcome.
Must do: See the designs of master architect Frank Lloyd Wright in the Oak Park district.
Must eat: Deep dish pizza.
Born there: Walt Disney.
Flight time from UAE: 18 hours (one stop).

Chicago - great American cities

Drifters and dreamers
Must do: 
Spot your favourite movie star’s handprints on the Walk of Fame. 
Must eat: 
Chili dog: a hot dog smothered in spicy chili.
Born there: 
Angelina Jolie.
Flight time from UAE: 
16 hours. 
A city that keeps tourists coming back year after year, and many wannabe actors waiting on tables for even longer in the hope of getting a break. It can be a place of nightclubs, movie stars, Ferraris and plastic surgery, or it can be a chilled, dog-walking, beachy, organic café, surfer dude kind of place: the choice is yours. Explore the neighbourhoods, ride the rollercoasters at Universal Studios, watch the beautiful people and enjoy the vibe.

Los Angeles - great American cities

A city with its own state of mind
Must do: 
Race down Fifth Avenue in a yellow cab.
Must eat: 
Reuben sandwich – corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing. 
Born there: 
Scarlett Johansson.
Flight time from UAE: 
13 hours.
Jay Z and Alicia Keys were right: these streets will make you feel brand new. Sit in a deli with a ‘cuppa cawfee’, see the views from the top of the Empire State Building, snap the art deco Chrysler Building, gaze up at the ceiling of Grand Central Station or stroll through Central Park – the list of things to tick could go on for pages. Don’t forget to scoot over to Williamsburg in Brooklyn and hang with the hipsters.

New York - great American cities


Bold, brash and fun
Must do:
 Stroll down the famous lit-up strip at night.
Must eat: 
A burger the size of your head seems apt here.
Born there: 
The Killers’ front man Brandon Flowers. 
Flight time from UAE: 
21 hours (one stop).
Vegas, baby. It’s an adult playground where time means diddly squat and anything goes. The hotels are wacky, the fountains that dance to music at the Bellagio (think that end scene in Ocean’s Eleven) are stunning and the smiles are big. Of course, the main draw of Vegas are the casinos where the dealers mesmerise onlookers with their nimble hands. You’ll love Las Vegas, but you won’t know why.

Las Vegas - great American cities


A city for history buffs
Must do: See the crack in the famous Liberty Bell.
Must eat: Philly cheesesteak: a cheesy, meaty, messy sandwich.
Born there: Will Smith.
Flight time from UAE: 20 hours (one stop).
The birthplace of America, Philadelphia is where the Declaration of Independence was signed in the 18th century. Many of the city’s sights revolve around this fascinating episode, all told with American razzmatazz. The Franklin Institute is one of the country’s best science museums, and you can see what colonial America looked like in the well-preserved historical districts.

Philadelphia - great American cities


California dreamin’

Must do: Sit in a prison cell in Alcatraz.
Must eat: Sour dough bread.
Born there: Clint Eastwood.
Flight time from UAE: 16 hours.
If you want Cali cool without the hurly burly of LA, then San Fran is for you. It has many sights you’ll recognise from TV and movies: the twisty Lombard Street, colourful trams, the eerily fascinating prison island of Alcatraz and the world famous Golden Gate Bridge. The climate is gorgeous and the parks are beautiful. 

San Francisco - great American cities


A city with brains and brawn
Must do: Go see the mighty Boston Red Sox baseball team at the legendary Fenway Park.
Must eat: Clam chowder: a creamy, rich seafood soup.
Born there: Mark Wahlberg.
Flight time from UAE: 17 hours (one stop).
There’s plenty of history in Boston, with the harbor marking the scene of one of the most important events of the American Revolution: the Boston Tea Party. See the beautiful Harvard University in nearby Cambridge. Explore Boston Common, the oldest city park in the US, dating from 1634 or walk the Freedom Trail, a historical tour of the city’s must see landmarks, set out by brass plaques in the pavement. 

Boston - great American cities


Eye-popping colour on every corner
Must do: Have a cocktail at the Delano Hotel.
Must eat: The juiciest, sweetest, plumpest orange you’ll ever eat in your life.
Born there: William H Macy.
Flight time from UAE: 22 hours (one stop).
You’ll be blown away by a riot of pink, turquoise and mint green in Miami. It’s perhaps the world’s best example of living, breathing art deco architecture, with many of the cafes, cinemas, hotels and bars decked out in the striking designs of the 1920s. Away from the concrete, see the Evergreens, an ecosystem of wetlands just outside Miami. Or hang out on the beach and enjoy the Florida sunshine, Latin rhythms and far out locals.

Miami - great American cities


American hospitality with French flair
Must do: Visit one of the many spooky voodoo shops.
Must eat: A bowl of gumbo: meat or shellfish with a saucy kick, served over rice.
Born there: Reese Witherspoon.
Flight time from UAE: 21 hours (one stop).
Pretty wrought iron railings on every street, decorative lamp posts, numerous cafés and exotic street names all point to New Orleans’ French past. Mardi Gras comes once a year (next time is March) and is one of the biggest parties on the planet. Spend the evening in one of the many jazz bars – some bands play on street corners – and try the beignets at World Café: light pastries covered in icing sugar. This is sweaty, sticky and sultry Louisiana culture at its best.

New Orleans - great American cities

Feel the power
Must do: Sit at the feet of Abraham Lincoln and gaze down the reflecting pool.
Must eat: Blue crabs.
Born there: Samuel L Jackson.
Flight time from UAE: 14 hours.
You’ll do lots of staring at the gleaming white monuments that litter the capital city. There’s the iconic White House, the Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol Building, plus the moving Arlington Cemetery with its rows of white crosses. DC is where you learn about the philosophy behind America. But it ain’t dull. There is plenty of good eating and drinking to be done. Those serious looking people in suits on the next table could well be politicians deciding the future of America.

Washington DC - great American cities