What’s On teams up with our pals at Good to help improve posture at your desk. Watch video of yoga poses to be done at your desk that will improve posture.

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Feeling crunched up at your desk? Shoulders have more knots than a scout’s handbook? Some simple advice and easy exercises from Emma, of The Workplace Yogi, will get you straightened out.

Workplace health issues cost businesses thousands of dollars every year and for organisations these issues translate into lost productivity, absenteeism, turnover of staff and increasing health insurance premiums. But around the world, companies are now embracing workplace or corporate yoga as a smart solution to wellness as it offers an innovative, convenient and cost effective way of bringing health into their offices and organisations.

In our Chair Yoga classes we introduce the concept of ‘Active Sitting’ and enable employees to understand how to sit in a way that will protect their bodies from repetitive strain injuries and aches and pains that often come with desk-based jobs.

More about your yogi
Prior to establishing The Workplace Yogi, Emma worked in the corporate world for 20 years, including the last 12 years as a human resources director and HR consultant. Emma started her yoga practice eight years ago and from her first yoga experience it became a life changing passion and practice. She has travelled to India, the UK and the USA to further her practice and teaching experience and is a Registered Yoga Alliance teacher and Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga certified. Her interest in workplace wellness has also led her to undertake further training with Workplace Safety & Prevention Services a leader in workplace safety and risk prevention.

For more information on onsite chair or mat yoga classes, conference yoga breaks, yoga team events and wellness workshops for your workplace call (04) 4245119, e-mail emma@theworkplaceyogi.com or visit theworkplaceyogi.com

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