What’s On speaks to a kitesurfing expert. Find out where to kitesurf in Dubai and other important things to know about kitesurfing in Dubai.

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Instructor Charlene Michel from Mauritius explains the art of this watersport…

How long have you been kitesurfing? I started in 2011 with my brother. After five hours with him, I was on my own. Since then, I haven’t stopped.
What do you love about it? I love the feeling of freedom that it gives me. What are the best kitesurfing spots in Dubai? The best place is Kite Beach (behind Saga Mall).
What’s the Dubai kitesurfing scene like? It’s awesome; people are so friendly. If someone is in trouble on the water, there’s always someone ready to help.
What’s the best way to get involved? People usually come and talk to us when they see us kiting. Ask any kitesurfers who to speak to about lessons and they’ll point you in the right direction.

How long does a kitesurfing course take? A complete course takes around eight hours. If you have a good wind, the right equipment, and an experienced kite instructor, the learning process is very easy, fun and safe.
What happens? You start on the beach with a small trainer kite. You learn the basics of flying a kite, the safety systems and how to prepare the equipment. Then you’ll fly the kite independently. After that, we jump in the water where you learn how to control the kite in the water.
Do you need superpower strength to kitesurf? Not at all. All you need are brains, motivation and confidence.

Dukite, The Souq, Jumeirah Fishing Harbour, Umm Sequim, Dubai, daily 10am to 7pm, Dhs350 (one hour). Tel: (052) 8961718. Taxi: Jumeirah Beach Road, opposite Al Urouba Street. facebook.com/dukite