19 cars burst into flames yesterday at Sharjah University, but the UAE’s firefighters managed to contain the blaze before anyone was hurt…

We’ve seen a lot from the UAE’s brave firefighters in the last few months. We saw them along with Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed Al Maktoum battling blazes down at The Address on New Year’s, and now more recently tackling a fire that broke out in the women’s section of the Sharjah University car park.

On Sunday morning at around 11.30am, students watched as one car caught fire, eventually exploding and sparking a blaze that ended up destroying 18 other cars that were parked nearby.

Fortunately, no injuries have been reported, and the spread of the fire was stopped thanks to the Sharjah Civil Defence Service, who can be seen here getting up close and personal with the burning cars. Heroes.

University of Sharjah

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Another video shows people running away from the scene as one car explodes, with the Sharjah Civil Defence spraying down the burning cars with water to one side. (Click to play the video.)

#atm الله يستر

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Here the fire can be seen raging in full force:


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This clip shows one of the brave Sharjah Civil Defence firefighters cooling down the charred remains of the cars:

?الحمدلله م صار شي

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This user captured the aftermath of the fire, showing the shells of the destroyed cars as well as the completely melted car park shelters:

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What exactly started the fire hasn’t yet been announced, but Sharjah police have started an investigation to get to the bottom of it all.

Photos/Videos: Instagram.

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