The moody and cloudy skies in the city today are likely to be leading up to rain, starting from tonight, with thunderstorms hitting the city mid-week.

Get your umbrellas prepped for tomorrow’s commute, as the UAE’s National Centre for Meteorology has said an increase in clouds throughout the sky means rain is likely in the UAE this week, “especially by Sunday night or Monday morning.” is also predicting rain for tonight, with a forecast temperature of 21 degrees. They’re predicting that Monday will be mostly fine, but that Tuesday will see afternoon and evening thunderstorms in the emirate. Meanwhile, is predicting that the thunderstorms will hit the city on Wednesday.

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The full forecast for today, Sunday March 6, by the National Centre for Meteorology’s reads: “Unstable weather, the amount of clouds will increase over scattered areas with a chance of scattered rain. Temperatures tend to decrease gradually. Moderate wind, freshening at times. Sea will be Moderate in general , becoming rough in any cloud activity in the Arabian gulf & Oman sea.”

The illustrated forecast for the UAE today from NCMS:uae-forecast

And what do they think is in store for the rest of the week? Well, unlike the foreign weather sites, the UAE meteorology service hasn’t yet mentioned thunder, but they have said the “unstable weather will continue” and that “the amount of clouds will increase over scattered areas with a chance of some towering clouds and scattered rain at times.”

So yes, it’s definitely going to be a week for light layering. That said, Accuweather and are both predicting perfect blue skies on Friday and just a touch of cloud on Saturday, so it looks like weekend plans aren’t yet scuppered.

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