This week, indicating and keeping a safe distance may just win you Dhs1,000.

This week 30 responsible drivers in Dubai and Sharjah will be rewarded with Dhs1,000 on the spot just for not driving badly.

The The Mobil 1 RoadStar road safety campaign is now in its 35th edition (it runs twice a year) and has the backing of the Dubai Police.

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The safety spotters – made up of campaign organisers and police officials – will be on the lookout for safe drivers in Dubai today and tomorrow (Monday 28 and Tuesday 29), and in Sharjah on Wednesday 30.

So what will they be looking out for?

– Those wearing seat belts and ensuring the use of child safety seats

– Those observing lane discipline and being courteous to other drivers

– Those using hands-free mobiles and indicators

– Adhering to the speed limit

While this is extra motivation to drive safely, we should all be doing the above at all times anyway.

“There are many reasons for road accidents and sometimes they are simple mistakes that can have severe implications,” explained Colonel Jamal Al Bannai, director of the General Department of Traffic at Dubai Police.

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“It is campaigns such as RoadStar which are making sure that there is continuity to the education process. And, while the winners are given prominence, other drivers become more conscious of the importance of following the rules. We have several initiatives to educate drivers about safe driving, and the added efforts from campaigns such as RoadStar help us to take this process much further. I congratulate the teams involved who work hard to create awareness of safe driving.”

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Photo: Getty