We saw quite a bit of rain across different parts of the UAE yesterday, but will it rain today? Well the meteorologist’s opinions differ.

Here’s a radar image from 9.30am that shows quite a large group of clouds and a good amount of rain hovering over Oman and nearing the Al Ain border. The yellow and red parts mean particularly heavy patches of rain. The wind direction this morning was 312 degrees (which is basically 10am on a clock face), meaning the low pressure system was moving toward the UAE.


But as of 1.45pm the wind had changed to 280 degrees (about 3.30pm on the clockface), meaning the front is now moving back toward Oman:


The UAE National Centre For Meteorology’s weather report for today says “the amount of cloud will continue increasing over different areas during the daytime.” It goes on to say there will be “towering clouds and rainfall of different intensities, especially southward and eastward” (which means that Fujairah and Al Ain and the southern part of Abu Dhabi are likely to see the heaviest rain.

The national weather service is forecasting that Thursday and Friday might be “partly cloudy”, but that today is the last day it’s likely to rain.

Meanwhile, Accuweather is forecasting a sunny day for Dubai today, and have predicted no rain.

One thing’s for sure, we’ll keep you posted.

The expected highs today will be 26 degrees Celsius, while the lows will hit 19.

Here’s the Dubai Municipality at work yesterday working on the waterlogged roads:

Featured photo: Instagram/Dubai Municipality & Twitter/JournalofJ9