Weather experts have said that another low pressure weather system will loom across Dubai over the next three days, bringing the chance of rain (and possibly thunder) this week.

And this afternoon, residents and workers from Sharjah to Garhoud and Downtown to Emirates Hills have reported light rain in the skies. With clouds gathering and the skies darkening across the rest of the city, widespread rain is looking likely.

It’s raining again in #dubai

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Raining in Dubai again? What’s going on

Posted by DJ BLISS on Monday, March 14, 2016

The official National Centre of Meteorology weather report says today would see, “partly cloudy weather in general,” adding that “cloud amount will increase occasionally towards coast, western and island areas, with chances of light rain.”

*MORE: Video of the rain last week*

They go on to explain that the “relative humidity is likely to increase during night and tomorrow early morning over some coastal and internal areas.”

Here’s a satellite image from around 4pm – green means clouds and humidity build up, light blue means drizzle and blue equals light rain:


This tweet seems to sum up today’s weather perfectly:

As we know, with rain comes traffic, but the traffic at 4.20pm looked to be fairly normal for the beginning of rush hour:


Here’s what the traffic looked like at 6pm tonight (remember, green is good, orange is bad, red is terrible and dark red is, well, you know the drill): traffic-6pm