The new moon has reportedly been sighted by officials in Saudi, meaning Ramadan starts tomorrow.

It has just been confirmed that Ramadan 2016 (or 1437 by the Islamic calendar) will start on Monday June 6, and that the Taraweeh prayers will be tonight according to reports by Al Arabiya.

The Taraweeh prayers are an extra prayer performed throughout the month of Ramadan (throughout which a Muslim will recite the entire Holy Quran).

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, and it begins after the night that the crescent moon of the new month is first sighted. That moon was spotted by the official High Judiciary Council of Saudi Arabia tonight, meaning Ramadan starts tomorrow across the GCC (well, except for Oman, where reports suggest the Holy Month will begin on Tuesday):

Ramadan beginning tomorrow means that Muslims will fast from dawn tomorrow and than non fasters in the UAE should refrain from drinking or eating in public. So remember that as you commute to work tomorrow.

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Ramadan starting tomorrow means Eid Al Fitr is likely to be on Thursday July 7. This will mark the end of the month of fasting, as well as two to three paid working days off for workers in the UAE.

Here are some Twitter reactions to the announcement that the Holy Month will begin tomorrow: