When it comes to architecture, Dubai’s got a lot of gems – however a new project looks set to raise the bar even higher.

An eco-friendly city in the shape of a flower is set to bloom in the desert, offering accommodation for around 160,000 people.

The exact location of Desert Rose City is not known, nor is its opening date, but what we do know – thanks to artist impressions – is that it’s set to look pretty darn spectacular.

See what we mean?

Desert Rose City

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Spread over 14,000 hectares, the development will include a mosque, police station, schools, shopping centres and hospitals, The National reported.

Residences will include villas and designated housing for Emiratis, plus the entire city will run solely on renewable and solar energy.

If that wasn’t green enough, there’ll also be numerous outdoor spaces and waste-recycling systems.

The project is a perfect demonstration of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid’s, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai’s, vision of a sustainable emirate, said Hussein Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality.

#دبي تبني مدينة “زهرة الصحراء” الصديقة للبيئةhttps://t.co/QRP3V1e7Jt pic.twitter.com/K8HSFCDeI0

The city will be built using only the most modern technology, naturally, and is predicted to make a huge contribution to the UAE’s low-carbon economy.

The development’s only just been given the green light, so there’s no word on when construction will start, but we’ll keep you updated.

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Images: Supplied