If you thought The Mountain in Games of Thrones was the biggest man you’d ever see, have we got news for you.

The Kings Landing Frankenknight is nothing compared to Sajad Gharibi, or as he’s better known, The Persian Hercules.

The 24-year-old Iranian weightlifter has become somewhat of a social media celebrity recently, thanks to his absolutely enormous physique.

This guy’s like The Hulk’s bigger, scarier brother – only a little less green.

persian hulk

Yeah, we know. He’s giant – 350 pounds (159kg) of near-solid muscle.

Here’s another shot just showing how ridiculously large this man is (Fanta can used for scale).

persian hulk

And another… #KebabsOrLegs?

persian hulk

There have been rumours afloat that Gharibi plans to volunteer with the Iranian forces battling ISIL.

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In a video posted to his Instagram account, Gharibi reveals he hoped to start training for the army after Ramadan.

“I have always said and will say that I will be a soldier for my country,” he said in Farsi.

According to the BBC, he wants to travel to Syria to defend besieged mosques.

Here’s another solid snap, #FruitSelfie:

persian hulk

However some people have questioned his military experience, or lack thereof including Reddit user agha0013, who said:

“He’d be useless in a covert action.

‘Sajad, get down!’

‘This is as much as I can crouch.’

‘You’re still standing up!'”

Even the Kevlar needed to cover him up would be enough for an entire platoon.

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Sajad’s Instagram page, which has garnered a following of over 160,000, isn’t like that of your regular fitness fan.

There are barely any food photos, and he’s yet to reveal his diet. Just topless snaps a-plenty of Sajad revealing his enormous physique.

To the haters, Sajad says, “Leaf me alone”.

persian hulk

Gharibi also regularly represents Iran in bodybuilding and powerlifting tournaments, where he can lift up to 175kg.

(That’s roughly the same weight as two baby elephants).

Despite his size, Gharibi’s friends says he soft at heart and describe him as a “sensitive soul”.

But just to be safe, you probably don’t want to make him angry…

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Images: Instagram/@sajadgharibi