Travelling on Dubai’s public transport just got a whole lot easier.

Forget the lengthy ticket-counter queues that see you miss not one, but two metro trains – in a matter of days you’ll be able to top up your trusty Nol card using your smartphone.

(And hurrah to the end of being stranded at those bus stations in no sight of a top-up machine).

The Roads and Transport Authority has been trialling an app throughout September, and is gearing up to launch it to the general public next month.

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The service, which will be added to the RTA’s Public Transport app, will allow customers to “top-up an Nol card instantly and buy a bus and metro permit without visiting a ticket counter or renew such a permit”, said Khaled Al Awadi, director of Automated Fare Collection.

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“The service would contribute to eliminating any inconvenience related to the limited number of recharging machines.”

You’ll have to have a phone that supports Android, however, to use it. Once you register your credit card, you’ll be able to just tap your Nol card on your phone to add cash to your account – and it’ll instantly be updated.

According to The National, extra services will also be added to the app, such as the ability to transfer credit from one Nol card to another.

Previously, remote top ups could only be made on the Nol website.

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