A bit of a red-light jumper? Well, you need to be more careful from now on.

If you’re a Dubai driver who likes to push the boundaries when it comes to road rules – be warned, you’re being watched even more closely.

Super-advanced speed cameras have been rolled out along some of the city’s main roads, and they can detect myriad traffic violations.

In total, 28 of the cameras – known as Mesta Fusion – have been installed at junctions around the city, and eventually old speed cameras will be gradually replaced with the new model.

Just what do they detect?

Well, the camera of many talents can ping you for lots of things, including sudden swerving, tailgating, blocking junctions, and being in the wrong lane.

What’s more, the cameras can capture 10 seconds of video as well as still images.

Here’s a full list of what they can do:

– It can patrol an area of 200 metres, meaning it can ping cars that won’t even be able to see it yet.
– It monitors eight lanes at a time.
– It knows what kind of vehicle it’s monitoring – so if a truck is going 101 km an hour on Sheikh Zayed Road it knows that that’s an offense (but if it was a car it wouldn’t get fined).
– It knows if a car is tailgating (so those cars that drive right on other people’s bumpers will get their comeuppance).
– It knows if someone is driving somewhere that’s not a lane, so sneaking up the hard shoulder etc.
– The camera will also ping cars for driving too slowly on a highway, which also makes the roads more dangerous.
– It knows if a driver is using a cellphone illegally while driving, or if they’re not wearing their seatbelt.- It can detect number plates so that if authorities have flagged up a particular license plate the cameras can notify them of that vehicle’s whereabouts.
– If someone runs a red light or turns illegally from a non-turning lane (we see plenty of that), this camera knows.
– Also, if someone stops in the middle of a traffic light junction and obstructs traffic, this speed camera knows.

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So where can you find them?

At these locations: Mirdif Bridge, Al Khazan, Flower City, City Centre Deira, Dubai Mall, Oud Metha Road, Al Warqa, Damascus Road, Al Wasl Road, Umm Suqiem, Al Hemriya, Clock Tower, and Al Mawakib School.

“The new radar was chosen because it has the latest technology to catch motorists who think they are more important than others and choose to cut in line at traffic lights and junctions rather than wait their turn,” Colonel Said Muhair Al Mazroui, Director of the Traffic Department at Dubai Police, told 7Days.

“Queue jumpers are the cause of many accidents as they often dart in line at the last minute with little regard for others. They don’t follow the traffic lane and surprise other motorists who were in the right lane.”

Here’s a video that shows just how many offences it can detect:

Basically, it knows all…

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