Lisa and Jess Origliasso, the identical twins from Down Under better known as The Veronicas, are heading our way for the first time to perform at RedFestDXB.

Lisa chats to What’s On about conquering her fear of heights for a trip up the Burj Khalifa, being a self-described “nana” off the red carpet, and how her sister is to credit for much of her dating life.

We’re really excited to have you in Dubai for the first time! Are you looking forward to it? Yes! We’re so excited to be coming out there; it’s been at the top of our list. We’ve been in the airport but never been able to stop. We’ve heard so many wonderful things about Dubai– the people, the atmosphere and the culture.

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Are you going to see any of the sights while you’re here? We’re definitely going to try to – we’re going to make time if we don’t have time. There’s a couple hours here and there where we definitely want to get out and see some sights so that’s a big priority for us […].

What do you really want to see in Dubai? I don’t know! Why don’t you tell me? What are the top two things to do?

(Well, obviously the Burj, unless you’re scared of heights?)

I am scared of heights but I’m willing to conquer it!

Your music has evolved a lot over the years so who/ what has influenced that change? I honestly think it’s life […] and each other. Jess is my biggest influence and I’m hers. Michael Jackson’s always been a big one for us too. We always had a big connection with his music and his lyrics and his melodies. We never want to make the same record.

Do you have a favourite song you’ve produced? I always say the most current one because you haven’t lived with it as long.

In My Blood was a really cool one because it was a bit different from what we’ve done, but all my favourites right now are the ones on the album that’s coming out this year – they haven’t even been heard yet.

But they say that the first song you release, you should absolutely be in love with it because that’s the one that people are always going to make you perform forever and ever. So I still dig that very first song we released in 2006. (aptly named 4ever)

What’s your best twin mix-up story? I was meant to do a radio interview and I didn’t feel like it – so I got Jess to do it as me, but halfway through the interview she forgot and she said something where it totally gave it away. She was telling some story and she goes “Is that right Lis?” to me off the phone – but they didn’t pick up on it. We only recently came clean with them.

Then if I liked a guy and wanted to ask him out I used to get Jess to call them up as me because she’d be so much more confident and I’d be terrified. She got me quite a few dates though.

Is music forever for you guys? Do you see yourself performing for the rest of your lives? Yeah, I guess I should really think about that… I’m sure at some point when we want to settle down it’s going to be more difficult to tour, but we’re always going to be writing and recording music. I see this year the Veronicas branching out in big other ways on the creative front – collaborating with different brands, fashion, makeup and cooking […].

But we are making an album and I don’t see us slowing down anytime soon.

What’s one interesting thing people don’t realize about The Veronicas? I don’t think people realize when we’re not being the Veronicas and on stage and on red carpets and it’s all glamorous, we’re really off the grid. I have a bunch of chickens and a vege garden and Jess is really into staying at home and making her own little vegan recipes and super-foods, and we’re kind of nanas when we’re not in the public eye.

The Veronicas play at Virgin Radio RedfestDXB on Thursday February 2 at the Dubai Media City Amphitheatre. Tickets are available from, and start from Dhs395.

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