They’re cleaning the very street they were filmed doing stunts on…

Remember the video that went viral a few weeks ago showing a white 4×4 doing donuts and driving dangerously on a rainy night in City Walk?

Well, the man behind the wheel has been identified, and H.H Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai, has ordered that him and the men in the car with him clean Dubai streets for four hours every day for 30 days as a form of community service.

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The Dubai Media Office has pointed out that their stunt driving happened at a time when there were families and children walking around City Walk.

“The stunt was made amidst busy traffic in the presence of families and children violating traffic laws and general road etiquette,” the Media Office points out.

The official Media Office Twitter account also pointed out that the men “endangered” the safety of both “people and property” when they performed stunts on Al Mustaqbal Street.

A photo shared by the Media Office shows the men (who remain unidentified) cleaning the very streets they were filmed driving recklessly on as punishment. Whether they will only clean in the City Walk area over the next 30 days, or will take a broom to other Dubai suburbs too, hasn’t been stipulated.

Let’s hope moves like this mean people will leave the art of donuts to the folk at Krispy Kreme.

Here’s the original video (posted by Gulf News):