Looking for a new job? This website could soon become your one-stop shop…

Job hunting anywhere can be stressful, but a new website looks like it could take some of the pain out of searching for work in Dubai.

Dubai Careers has been developed by the Smart Dubai Government Establishment, and aims to assist jobseekers both within and outside the UAE (so yes, non-UAE residents wanting to move here can use the service too).

Right now, the website only lists vacancies from Dubai government entities – like Dubai Municipality, Dubai Tourism and Dubai Customs. However, private sector jobs are also expected to be listed in the future.

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Smart Dubai Government Establishment chief executive Wesam Lootah said: “A smart city cannot be achieved by technology only, but by people qualified to manage and operate technologies and apps.

“Qualified people are the main pillar to fulfill the leadership’s vision of becoming the smartest and happiest city in the world.”

What makes the website so handy? Well, first of all, registration with Dubai Careers is totally free.

You can upload your CV and build a career profile (which can be directly linked to your LinkedIn account) so you can access job opportunities that match your skills and expertise.

You can also recommend friends or family members for jobs that might suit them, too.

Want to work for a particular organisation, but they’re not advertising any openings right now? You can submit your profile, and they’ll keep you in mind if anything pops up in the future.

The platform also has a category for people looking for volunteering opportunities, in line with the Year of Giving.

There are currently 400 jobs listed on the website, so if you’re looking to make a career move anytime soon, be sure to check it out…

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