What are surf bites and are they any good?

Some cafés are part of the intrinsic fabric of a Dubai community. Comptoir, for example, is the yogi hangout of choice; Rider Café has the biker contingent all sorted; And now, Single Fin inside the Surf House is a safe haven for barefoot warriors, hair still wet, who are looking for a healthy meal after a workout.

Located at the back of the Surf House, Single Fin has a large coffee bar and tables tightly packed in on one side. Naturally, boards are dotted around and the walls are covered with surf snaps. The best spot is the teal-cushioned bay window at the back, but it’s typically taken up by beautiful tanned types, sipping on a cup of locally roasted coffee while enjoying a fresh acai bowl. By now you should be able to picture the scene at Single Fin.

The Madmaxchef burger (Dhs50) is the holy ground for hungry customers. You’ll get a scandalous double patty and melted cheddar cheese with cherry relish. The meat is juicy, the cheese is melty and the bun tastes freshly baked. Sadly, the proportions were off in the Baja fish taco (Dhs38). There wasn’t enough fish and a little too much cabbage.

The poke bowls, on the other hand, which arrived in bamboo boats, were very tasty and packed with fresh ingredients. Poke, pronounced “poh-keh”, is the epitome of a surf bite. It’s a Hawaiian appetiser with sliced and marinated raw fish, served with a variety of accompaniments. The Maui mix boat (Dhs38) includes hunks of Norwegian salmon, which paired wonderfully with the local tuna and avocado.

If you’re into outdoor living, or wish you were, chances are that you’ll love Single Fin. You can buy a white singlet, some sunscreen, and a bamboo boat of the latest health food trend and feel the surf stoke without even paddling out.

Surf House Dubai, Umm Suqeim Park, Dubai, Sun to Fri 7am to 7pm, Sat 9am to 7pm. Tel: (04) 3211309. Taxi: Surf House Dubai. facebook.com/singlefindubai

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