They claim to “deliver anything to anywhere in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah”

On-demand delivery services are the new hotness in the Dubai start-up scene with Fetchr being the most notable, and even car-hailing service Careem getting in on the action a little earlier this year.

The latest company to enter the fray to reunite you with your forgotten house keys is Carry. Their claim to “deliver anything to anywhere in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah” is indeed a lofty one, and if the video below is to be believed that includes a bin bag of old clothes and a cream pie right to the face of your ex.

Like its competitors, Carry is driven via an app that customers can download to their smartphones for both Android and iOS.

You simply pin the location and destination of your package, provide some info on its size and how fragile it is, schedule when you would like the delivery to occur and a driver will be dispatched within the hour.

The best part is that Carry promise that your package won’t be sent on a tour of the city before reaching its final destination as is sometimes the case with other similar delivery services. You’re even able to track the delivery in real time via the app to make sure.

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Image: screengrab